Northstar Asset Management is a highly focused long-only asset manager
Northstar Asset Management is a highly focused long-only asset manager

Northstar was founded by the late Alexander Otten in 1996. Alexander built a highly successful high net-worth private business, managing domestic share portfolios. Tragically, Alexander was deceased in 2012.

Adrian Clayton left PSG Asset Management after 12 years and took over Northstar in late 2012. He served as portfolio manager of the Balanced Fund (a fund he ran for 14 years) and as CEO of PSG Asset Management. Northstar continues to enjoy significant client growth and has developed into a serious player in both the high net-worth private and institutional client markets.
Analyst & Director
(Equity & Fixed Income)
Analyst & Director
(Equity & Fixed Income)
B.Sc Engineering (UCT)
Analyst & Head of Research
(Equity & Fixed Income)
B.Com (Hons) Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management (UCT), B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry (UCT), CFA, FRM.
(Equity & Fixed Income)
B.Com (Hons) Financial Analysis (US), B.Com Investment Management (US)
B.Com Economics & Law (RU) (Passed all three levels of the CFA program and currently completing the required work experience).
B.Sc Engineering (UCT), CFA Level 2 Candidate.
B.Com Economics (Unisa), PGDAM (AAA)
Chief Operating Officer
B.Com (Hons) (UNISA), C.A. (ZW)
Head of Operations
B.Com Investment Management (US), CFP®
Operations Assistant
B.Sc Economics & HKE (RU), PDEM (RU)
Ludi Cronje
Operations Assistant
B.Com Financial Accounting (US),
CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting
BA English & History (UCT), PDMM (UKZN), PDFP (US)
Prudently allocating capital to investment opportunities
Our approach is to prudently allocate capital to investment opportunities which will provide for greater potential gain than possible loss of value. We understand the concept of not losing money! All our decisions are based on our own proprietary in-house research. We analyse investment opportunities listed on the South African as well as offshore markets and all our work focuses on understanding the difference between the intrinsic value of an asset relative to the actual price at which it is trading at on a market. We work smart and hard!

Our approach is long-term, we live with the decisions we have made for enough time to allow our investment thesis to unfold. We believe that time is an ally with regards to investing and we believe that intelligent investors treat it as such!
Business Principles
Grounded in integrity and expertise
Northstar Asset Management’s "raison d'être" is to ensure our investors realize their individual financial journeys. In this pursuit, we also remain obsessed with creating value for all those stakeholders that are intimately involved in our business, stakeholders which include our staff, our suppliers, our shareholders and the benefactors of various social projects in which we have deployed our time and money. In this regard, we define our key business principles as follows:

Our sole purpose is to make money for our clients.
Our clients are the essence of our business.
Integrity and honesty form the bedrock of our value system.
Our greatest assets are our clients, our people, our performance history and our reputations.
We choose to be the best and not the biggest.
Making money is only possible through Price Discovery – this is achieved by hard work and proprietary research.
What You Can Expect
Reaching results through rigorous research
Over the years, Northstar has attracted a solid client base of like-minded investors. We share a common long-term approach to investing, one which focuses on wealth accumulation through a consistent application of an investment philosophy and an investment process which centres on deep-seated fundamental research aimed at understanding what each and every investment is actually worth before allocating capital thereto.

Long-term outperformance of our benchmarks: At Northstar, we manage money following an approach which we know works. This our clients can attest to, our long-term results are stellar and Northstar is in a unique position in that it has a performance track record that extends two decades.

Placing our clients’ interest first: We are focused on doing the right thing for our clients at a microscopic, granular level. This approach ensures that Northstar’s own success is guaranteed! Doing the ‘right thing’ is encapsulated in all aspects of our client engagement, from understanding a client’s needs, to tailoring investments to achieve those needs, to avoiding conflicts and importantly, to charging fees that are transparent and fair.

Deep-seated knowledge and professionalism: We pride ourselves on being experts in our field and ensuring that we can provide insightful knowledge to our clients and their advisors, so as to assist them in making appropriate investment decisions. The Northstar Investment team will only offer opinions on investments once we have valued those investments ourselves.

What Makes Us Different
Northward Bound
We are a specialist asset management company:
We do not provide services beyond our scope of competency. Northstar is a specialist asset manager and all our efforts are directed towards research and managing specialist portfolios. We do not offer wealth management, tax or any auxiliary services to our clients as we believe these other services will dilute the standards we set ourselves within our core competency.
We do not attempt to time markets:
We are extremely confident that our investment process delivers exceptional long-term results for our clients. We have no confidence in our or anyone else’s ability to produce consistent, superior short-term returns for clients. We view markets as irrational betting machines in the short-term and understand that performance is random at best. Consequently, we do not trade for short-term gains.
We avoid permanent capital loss:
We spend hundreds of hours evaluating each investment which we identify before deciding whether it qualifies to be incorporated in our portfolios. Part of this process is establishing varying potential outcomes for the asset in question – we undertake a bear, base and bull case on each stock. In so doing, we aim to determine what the upside and downside might be and consequently, develop a deep-seated knowledge of the businesses in which we are invested. This ensures that we avoid the pitfalls of investing inappropriately and destroying wealth for our clients.
We align our interests with those of our clients:
We earn simple and transparent fees and all discounts that we are able to negotiate with service providers are passed on, in their entirety, to our clients. Northstar earns no hidden commissions, rebates or payments-in-kind from any intermediary or service provider. Furthermore, the investment team co-invests with our clients within the same products and are substantial clients of the firm.
We have an unremitting insistence and focus on performance:
At Northstar we set the highest standards of performance both in terms of investment returns and in the overall quality of service which we provide to our clients. This is not purely lip service - Northstar is unique in that it actually measures performance at all levels, both with regards to investment returns for clients, but also in as far as we have internal systems that allow us to measure each and every member of our team with regards to their efficacy in producing long-term returns and/or servicing our clients.
Northstar Asset Management is focused on investing responsibly and contributing towards initiatives that seek to directly address the economic and social challenges faced by our country.

Being an independent investment manager allows us to hold ourselves to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards, which permeates our work culture and our primary focus is always on our clients’ best interests.

Northstar sets aside a percentage of our annual profits to fund direct initiatives with a focus on education, skills development and unemployment. For further information in this regard please email