Research-driven | Long-term focused

Who is Northstar Asset Management?
Northstar is a specialist investment manager that has operated for more than 20 years in South Africa. Integrity, honesty and competency form the bedrock of our value system and for this reason we hold dear our independence, which allows us to act as diligent custodians of our clients’ wealth. Our directors are personally invested in the business so that success is shared with our clients.

We believe that our proprietary research and portfolio construction process gives us a competitive edge. Northstar follows a highly structured, in-house based research model, which enables us not only to run our funds well but pass on the benefits of institutional levels of research to our retail clients. This makes us unique in the retail market and it is done within a highly competitive fee structure. In addition, being a relatively small player in a bloated industry we are able to make quick decisions and invest in high value proposition, smaller companies that larger players are not able to meaningfully invest in.
What products do we offer?
We offer two product categories

How do you invest with us?

There are three investment options available in both the onshore and offshore space:

1. For investment portfolios less than R5 million, or for monthly contributions, we would encourage investors to use our funds. Certain of our funds are Regulation 28 compliant (see below table) and therefore can be included in your retirement annuity investment.

2. For investments of greater than R5 million we are able to take over or establish bespoke share portfolios.

3. If you would like to have a share portfolio in your living annuity, which Northstar will manage, you can do this via the Sanlam Glacier or Momentum platforms. We can include other platforms, please contact us in this regard.